Abramelin Servitors and the Great Work

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Who are the Abramelin Servitors in magic?

Knowledge on Servitors in the occult community is remarkably vague and not much use to magicians. For example, Servitors are portrayed as a sub-species of Golem, but of course Golems are not easy to create either. According to the literature, Servitors are spirits created to do a specific purpose, such as finding a job, or lover, or attacking someone magickally. Once the purpose is achieved, the Servitor is supposed to stop functioning or disappear.

While everyone has heard of the Voudou Zombi or Zombie, or the Tibetan Tulpa, the Servitors are far more dangerous simply because the methods of the Servitors have been kept secret – until now.

Kenneth Grant links the Zombi to HP Lovecraft’s term Shoggoth, and in particular the tunnel of Niantiel, ruling spirit of the Death card. The method of creating a Zombie is through sex magick – see Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant.

Spirits are not stupid, despite claims to the contrary, and the high level of intelligence exhibited by these Servitors made it clear that they were not artificial spirits. The Servitors sent against me were not artificial spirits; they were a class of spirits invoked by powerful magicians.

At the same time I was shown how these Servitors were invoked, and who they are. These Spirits are none other than the 316 Servitors of Abra-Melin! Very little is known about this aspect of Abramelin (I wonder why.?), but there are people in the world who have the knowledge to invoke the 316 Servitors. Now, the 316 Servitors have made it clear to me that they prefer to be known and available to magicians around the world.

Powers of the Servitors

The true function of the Abra-Melin Servitors is to work in harmony with you to promote higher states of consciousness, the Great Work of achieving your Holy Guardian Angel.

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