Technology of the Unknown in spiritual development

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The Unknown is Unknowable! The Unknown is like the horizon, however fast you travel, or how high you soar, the horizon will still be beyond you. The critical point for accessing the Unknown is the Junction Point, or Gap. The technology of the Unknown is beyond Dark Matter and Energy. The Unknown is Silence. In Vedic Terms it is the Unmanifest, it is the Silence between words, which is why mantras can get you to the Gap but not beyond it.

By being present at the Gap, there is an inexpressible desire for Unity – the Unknown does not want Duality, so it tries to embrace the Gap or Separation. The Vedic system best known in the West is Maharish Mahesh Yogi’s system of Transcendental Meditation, which I practiced as a teenager. In TM, the mind is taken down to Transcendental Consciousness (TC) by the use of a repeated mantra, and as it is repeated it becomes fainter and vaguer until the meditator realises time has passed, but do not know where she was. With regular practice, this Silent Unmanifest becomes part of the day and night. There is a silent aspect to life that is particularly noticeable in deep sleep, where the sleeper maintains awareness through sleep and dreams. This stage is known as Cosmic Consciousness (CC). After a time, Cosmic Consciousness develops as the person becomes aware of the ability to manipulate consciousness. This stage is known as God Consciousness (GC). Ultimately, God Consciousness unites to create Unity Consciousness.

Maharishi is careful to present the admittedly condensed version of his teachings above as stages that take many years, and by creating an inferiority complex in his followers, few believe that CC is possible in their own life, despite him describing states beyond UC. The process of TC, CC, GC and UC is sequential and simultaneous at any moment, thus creating mini-enlightenments. We have all had examples of this in our life many times. I am sure you have experienced coming across a word that you have not heard before (TC), and then you hear it everywhere, on radio, tv, conversations etc (CC). Then you start using the word yourself (GC), until you either come up with new ways of using that word, or you no longer find any novelty in its use (GC).

My work is in Silence – there are no mantras – just pure intent for the purpose intended. A similar thing occurs with Maharishi’s technology, particularly when the Rig Veda is analysed. The Silent Unknown is found between the words of each Sutra. The words manifest from the Unknown then Return. There are actually 8 stages, with a 9th, found in the first verse of Rig Veda.

A phrase that has stuck in my mind from Maharishi’s teaching is a quote from the Rig Veda, “He who is awake, the Richchas seek him out”. What this means is that for a man in higher states of consciousness, the Richchas, or Principles of Creative Intelligence, as Maharishi calls them, move to the man and make themselves known to him.

The Unknown is so vast and unknowable that it has to make the effort to be comprehended by the enlightened man, so it has to move within Itself to initiate the process. The Unknown makes an aspect of itself more abstract so that It becomes Spirit, also Unknown, and Un-named. It is that Spirit taught me during my many years, and remained anonymous – the perfect teaching on the Unknown. A similar concept is found in Castaneda’s teaching of the Ally. It turns out that is all is needed to be known, since as I discussed above, it is the desire of the Unknown to become Known.

What happens is that the Unknown works through the 8 fold process within Itself, from TC, CC, GC and UC, which darts into the Known for that may seem like a long time, but in fact is beyond time. Once the Work is accomplished outside of time, the Unknown returns to Itself. This stirring within Itself is described in Vedic Literature.

The yearning the Unknown has for the Known, since that is the only direction knowledge can flow, is expressed in love poetry and mystical verse, in the Sufi Qawwali tradition of music and song, which I was introduced to early on in my training. The songs are an erotic mixture of love, desire, and alcohol, which is of course not permitted in Islam. The Innkeeper (the Unknown) provides the intoxicating liquor which is not for everyone, since most people would simply get drunk. This intoxicating drink works only for the enlightened and initiated who can handle it. In the Vedic tradition this drink is known as Soma.

The Unknown Holy Guardian Angel

To desire too intensely for the Unknown is harmful – for to enter It completely is to never return. In fact the silent siren call of the Unknown to us is never-ending, but of course far too subtle for most of us to hear it. What the crystals do is create the conditions to enable Unknown to harmonise and work with Itself, while transforming the User into a state where the Richchas can communicate. Echoes of this wisdom found its way in the West through the Abramelin rituals. Unfortunately the terror of the Unknown (now exploited by Western Politicians in their ‘War against Terror’), forced the magicians to obsess about knowing the Names of the Spirits. To know the name of the spirit is to have to control over it. There was also the belief that knowing the name of the spirit and its hierarchy of Spirits over it, and commanding those Higher Powers enabled the magician to meet his Holy Guardian Angel. This was generally effected by torturing the spirit! Also, a magical circle was created, to keep out the Unknown and any evil forces. This bizarre situation is still taught in almost every book on magic in the West. As I have tried to explain, it is the Unknown that desires  known to the Known. All that is needed is an effective channel or vessel for this process to work. In the West, the system of Kabbalah was turned on its head to achieve that aim through the Vessels on the Tree of Life (which had to be shattered because they could not cope).

My work is In the Silence, the Unknown, to the Unknown with the intention or spiritual or magical system to be worked with, so that at some point when the user is sufficiently in tune with the process, the Spirits will make themselves known. Spirits love working, for apart from not being tortured, they have a fantastic and long lost opportunity to work with the magician. All magical and spiritual work is through spirits, but they need the collaboration of evolved humans to make the Great Work happen. Man cannot work effectively without Spirits. Spirits cannot work effectively without Man.

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