The Tower: the View Below

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Entrance to the Tower was from above, which is interesting, because we naturally expect entrance from ground level.

Two Adepts wrote to me at the same to give their views of what happens below the Tower, after they had descended from the top of the building.

When discussing below the ground we are entering classical shamanic work, for both Adepts describe meeting insects and animals in profusion, along with sounds. Both report a profound inner transformation, one in particular releasing much creativity.

Overcoming the Fear of the Tower

However, before they get to this state, there is a degree of fear that to be overcome, and fear is a natural characteristic of the Tower. Both Adepts emphasize the need to clear the tower before progress is made. This clearance is internal – it is not outside the Tower, which again suggests internal purification. There is also another profound connection. With the High Priestess, the tunnels were always horizontal, while here we are dealing with verticality. If we are working to clear kundalini, so in that case, it is the nadis that are purified.

Remember that it is the lower levels, those levels that may seem scary that are the real testers of strength, where as the higher levels are levels of progress brought about by transformation. You know, that was actually fun! I wonder what that has to do with the city of skulls. I am inclined to believe that the tower/towers are representative of the age old story of how man can if you’ll pardon the expression, fuck up, and as that is make his true nature into discords, as the city of skulls has become a wasteland. I think that will improve in the future if humanity can get its acts together, if it either be realized in the peace of the light workers, those that seek the state of the buddha, or those who do things like us, healing states at their deepest.

The Tower: Moving between Levels of Consciousness

An independent view from another Adept:

It appears the tunnels are useful not only for ascending to higher levels of being, but also for descending to lower levels as well. I was working on clearing the tunnel below the navel. I had already cleared a path to an open space filled with light earlier in the week and had thought I was nearly finished. As it turns out, I was far from done. I found that there were many passages that branched off from the main tunnel I had already cleared. I started clearing these tunnels with the help of the legions. We came to a large open space, like an underground cavern, and eventually cleared the walls revealing a huge set of metal doors. The legion aided me in opening the heavy doors, but would not enter. The space inside the doors was black and I could sense creatures of lesser intelligence, possibly dangerous, inside. I entered and the doors closed behind me. I was at the top of a long flight of stairs. I could not see the bottom. As I walked down the stairs,  a heaviness pressing in on me, as if the air had more weight. The creatures also became increasingly agitated. I knew instinctively that if I did not hurry down the stairs, I would be in grave danger.

The First Adept also has to deal with entities:

I cannot tell you, but I went to the place and below the grate. There weren’t many people there, at least they were back along the walls, away, or silent. I went through the place which seemed to be a way-station before going on, at least for me. I opened a trap door at the bottom, and it was hard to do. Then I dropped down to a silent meadow. I took the path to my right and spiral down to a den or grotto that was like a dungeon or chamber that led to the inside of a castle. I entered, and it was as dark as could be. I met spirits, and my personage was getting in the way. When that occurs, imbalance is the result, and fear is what you must face, rather that having a natural exchange. So, I had to get through my fears by going deeper. I met all sort of creatures and deeper still, not in the hall, but in my sense of soul self, I continued going forward on my journey. I eventually came to a little out cropping where black water ran below. It was cleansing dissolving at the same time, but it was dangerous in the sense of it would have been chaotic to fall into it, as consciousness was not developed of deepened yet. The deeper your mind in the dark matter, the more one can do with light, change and transformation, especially with situations. This is the heart of magic and sidhis, at the very least the essence of the self. I went to the end of a seller, and when someone came upon me, I saw a vision. of a clay pot, and the energy of the mayan civilization who had a grasp of this power. They had warned mankind that if they were out of balance with this power, lust and chaos would result, and one wouldn’t get his ticket. A spirits came toward me, and I had that twinge of fear, and my personage wanted to pull back, but I wanted to go on. The spirits of the goetia closed in around me, and I knew I couldn’t escape by pushing out, as this was a one way trip, but I also knew that I couldn’t get past my fear in the way I was working, not by simply wanting to.

Moving onto the Other Side of the Tower – the God Pan

The Second Adept found the God Pan, and life in the raw:

I put up a shield of sorts and rushed down the stairs. After several minutes I finally reached the bottom. I stood in a circular room with a symbol of some sort engraved on the stone floor. Around me were several wooden doors, all same. I knew that opening those doors at random would be very dangerous, so somewhat nervous and not knowing what else to do, I sat and waited. After a few minutes one of the doors opened and a figure that resembled Pan approached me. He asked me to follow him and led me through the door. On the other side of the door was a forest unlike any left on earth. It was completely wild, devoid of any form of civilization, but abundant with raw life. Animals and wild humans, devoid of rational thought and basically animals themselves, mated everywhere I looked. Plant life grew rampantly before my eyes. My very form had changed to fit this new wild environment becoming similar to Pan. It seemed to be the very essence of creativity, the seat of the animal brain. Pan led me through this forest until we reached a clearing. We sat down and he explained this was the domain of the Muses and the heart of creativity.

The First Adept also meets someone important to him:

SO I knew that something had to be sacrificed or dissolved in order to be transformed. So, I got a vision of being on a sacrificial table, but I was not harm with a knife. There was none there, but there were bugs, a scorpion that bit me on the neck, and I know this is sacred, and a bunch of scarabs were let into my brain, and I could feel them walking around in there. All of this was done as in a dream state. Then, I felt a scarab in the spot at the middle of my brain where my connection with this physical body and earth and nirvana and that aspect that keeps my self-awareness or soul anchored here, and began to eat at my brain. I felt in danger of losing my soul, but allowed the scarab to continue eating. It felt for a moment that everything up there was silent, as those it had passed through the hole and continued on. My energies became more pure and my spiritual feelings grew. Before this all occurred, I had asked for my cellular structure to become crystallized instead of remaining carbon, and this is why this began. I was then put on a gurney, and I was wield down the tunnel and into a room that was for the Pharoahs. The spirits told me I was ready and raised to a new understanding and place in spirit. I got up, and I turned to walk in another direction, I don’t remember where, but I saw a man standing in front of me. He was Moses. He said I was ready.

Something remarkable is happening here. One is told he is in the place of the Muses, while the other meets Moses!

The Tower: Rejuvenation

Both Seers were rejuvenated by their visions.

I will tell you that when ever I use what I call the light machine, only the charge my body and to do other things at the other end of the souls spectrum, I have found that each time I come back from one of these meditations, I have found that my spiritual strength has doubled, and my body is thus more rejuvenated.

I will tell you Paul. I have heard things, just silent words as though the spirits were confirming that this was the path. Like hearing the word atbash, feeling sacred geometry as a form of visual symbol and as a form of thought that elevates, and so it does.

The basic ideas is you must travel to the most horrific place you can go to, but all with the sense of who you are, not as the little man, but deep inside you where there is only that which is revealed as silence, the you that is not seen but it there. This will eat the little stuff and make you man as he was.

The Second Adept also experienced transformations and the release of creativity.

This experience led to incredible creative insights into a novel I have worked on and left me feeling happier than I have felt in some time. The potential for exploring both our light and dark sides with these tunnels, and thereby bringing them into balance, is limitless.

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