Key of Solomon & Planetary Powers

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The Key of Solomon the King is probably one of the greatest Grimoires ever written. A large part of the book concerns ritual magic,  but since 1904, the Book of the Law declares that “abrogate are all rituals”.

Powers of the Planets

The Keys of Solomon the King detail the powers of the Pantacles of the  Seven planets.


  1. For terrifying Spirits
  2. Aids against adversities. Good for repressing the pride of the Spirits
  3. Used at night for invoking the Spirits of Saturn
  4. Helps to execute all experiments. Used in operations of ruin, destruction
    and death. Aids in dealing with spirits who bring news
  5. Defends the magician when invoking the Spirits of Saturn during the
    night. Drives away Spirits who guard treasures
  6. Used to make enemies obsessed by demons
  7. For earthquakes, making the Universe tremble


  1. Mastery of treasures and how to become possessor of places of treasure
  2. For acquiring glory, honours, dignities, riches, and peace of mind.
    Also to discover treasure and remove Spirits guarding treasure
  3. Defends and protects the magician when invoking Spirits
  4. For wealth and honour
  5. For truthful visions
  6. Protection against earthly dangers
  7. Power against poverty. Removes Spirits who guard treasure


  1. For invoking the Spirits of Mars
  2. Removes disease
  3. For exciting war, wrath, discord, and hostility. For resisting enemies,
    and terrifying rebellious Spirits
  4. For virtue and power in war. For victory
  5. To command spirits
  6. To avoid injury in war
  7. To control hail and storms


  1. Gives the vision of Shadai, the Almighty, Prince of Countenances
  2. Repress the pride and arrogance of Solar Spirits
  3. To acquire fame and glory, and gain in land for the Empire
  4. Causes invisible Spirits to become visible
  5. Transportation over distance
  6. For invisibility
  7. To be set free from prison


  1. Controls the Spirits of Venus
  2. For obtaining grace and honour, and all things belonging to Venus
  3. To attract love
  4. Compels Spirits of Venus to obey. To command people to come to the
  5. To excite love in someone


  1. Invokes the Spirits under the Firmament
  2. To control and order Spirits contrary to their nature, or for things
    not found under any other heading
  3. To invoke Spirits of Mercury
  4. For understanding and knowledge of all things created, and  hidden
  5. Commands the Spirits of Mercury to open all closed doors


  1. Calls forth and invokes the Spirits of the Moon. Opens doors
  2. Safety from perils and dangers of water. For stopping storms and rain
  3. Protection when travelling, particularly at night
  4. Defence from black magic and illness. Knowledge of herbs and stones;
    knowledge of a named person
  5. For finding answers while asleep. For destruction of enemies

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