How to develop Spiritual Powers

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Spiritual powers are a side-effect

Spiritual development will always bring powers as a side effect, never the main focus. The listing of siddhis, as found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are useful in that they remind one of what is possible, and other ways of solving a problem, not the pursuit of the powers in themselves. To me, the incredible changes that manifest in myself, my colleagues, students, and others around me, and the environment; locally, global, or in other dimensions are the real powers, and not the facile finding love or treasure, or control over others. Similarly, those ascribed to various Spirits such as the Goetia are invariably wrong. Fortunately, the real powers of the Spirits will become manifest during the process of healing and releasing the Spirits from the hell-hole others have created in their pursuit of instant gratification. In short, there are no rituals, no methods of exhorting Spirits to do for the magician. If the magician succeeds, he will find a pale shadow of that Spirit, in the same way locals will put on a show for anthropologists to keep them happy, while maintaining the secrets hidden away. In short, if you have not ready yourself properly, have not received proper training, and you have not reached the standards required, you will not get them. Furthermore, the ability is bestowed by Spirits, not by man; a veritable chicken and egg situation. Having said that, Pundit Joshi is looking to train people capable of attaining these incredibly high levels of spiritual development for the good of not only this world, this Earth, but to Worlds Beyond.

To develop powers requires the paradox that anyone who desires them is excluded from them… If only the same could be done to politicians. Powers  by Pundit Joshi, based upon competence, devotion, spirituality, and experience of the aspirant, along with other checks and balances. Spirits confer the Powers, sometimes in concert with Sufis and Pundits, who may or may not be aware that this process is going on. There are some interesting consequences that are worth commenting on. To have Powers is to be in a profound Spiritual state where one can work with Spirits and other spiritual workers to cause change. It follows that there are levels of Powers, and that they may not work all the time, depending on the state of consciousness one is in at the moment. As Maharishi pointed out; ‘Knowledge is structured in consciousness’.

Anything bestowed can also be removed, particularly with misuse. Actually, this final sanction is not required as much as you might think, because when Powers are used with the wrong intention the karmic consequences are awesome. Sometimes it is better to get the miscreant to correct the errors or abuses. Very early in my training, I realise that I had to do my work. Despite what Gurus say, it is very easy to make mistakes in higher consciousness, so there always is some tolerance and flexibility to accommodate and fix those errors.

Since working with the Powers in Consciousness is at a level beyond time and space, much of the work is sorting out a jumble of anachronisms and misplacement’s. Fortunately, this is where the Spirits come in, as they point out areas that need work on. Passion, anger, or fears for example are emotions that are left out when performing spiritual work. There is a level of disinterest, of dispassion before, during and after the work. For example, it is pointless trying to work out the outcome, because this result that may not coincide the Greater Plan, whatever that is, and one’s own ego can get in the way.

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