Developing your Psychic Perceptions for Tarot readings

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In order to develop your psychic perceptions you first have to acknowledge that you have abilities already, so are you:

  • Clairvoyant?
  • Clairaudient?
  • Clairsentient?
  • None of the above?

The chances are that unless your visions in some form, you are unlikely to believe that you have psychic perception that can be translated into, for example, Remote Viewing. The truth is that you are probably using all your perceptions at higher levels, but you are not aware of it. The terms clairvoyance, clairaudient, and clairsentient, mean clear seeing, hearing and feeling respectively, from a time when the need to parallel and differentiate similar to the five senses. Clairsentience covers feeling and taste.

As a professional Tarot Reader for many years, I was often confused when a client asked me what I saw, since for many people I did not ‘see’ anything, but I did have sensations, and thoughts that were clearly not mine would come into my head, and my syntax would go in strange directions. My body language would also change.

What is going on? Despite the fact that we have five senses, we tend to perceive in three modes, Visual, Audio, and Kinaesthetic, or Sight, Hearing and Feeling. Furthermore, one of those modes will dominate our lives, which is reflected in the language we use. In the example above, the visual mode was dominating my clients. The mode is betrayed in  speech, such as ‘I feel, I think, I see…’, and there are many other words that tell us which style that person lives in.

Unless you are very talented, then the audio and kinaesthetic modes will be dominant, as you get those gut feelings, warning thoughts, or vague intuitions about something impending. It is only later, with experience that clairvoyance as we know it develops. As a clairvoyant, I spend much of my life in audio and kinaesthetic modes mainly because the people I meet believe they do not have clairvoyant abilities! In other words, I find myself taking in the same approach as the person in front of me. In NLP terms, I am establishing rapport with the client, but this is not a conscious, contrived condition, which becomes a cold reading technique. NLP discovered that by mirroring or establishing rapport with someone allows the individual to gain extra impressions and insight of what that person is experiencing. The ability to work in the mode is critical to being able to communicate with that person, otherwise mismatches will occur.

So, before I can ‘see’ for that person, I have to be working in the same mode as that person and unless he or she has developed clairvoyancy, I will be starting in clairsentient or clairaudient mode. Sometimes when someone walks in the room, I immediately get thoughts (clairaudience), or I will get sensations of depression, boredom or sometimes elation – I can often feel aches or pains in my body (clairsentience), occasionally, I will pick up a scent that is nothing to do with perfume, but has relevance to that person.

As the reading develops, I may get images, but the reason why the client is there is precisely because they are not clairvoyant – any wonder why I am not seeing in the way they expect?

The bottom line is that you will learn in the form dominant in that person, and since most people do not believe they are clairvoyant, your impressions will arise from thoughts and feelings. Remote Viewing and Sensing Courses do not make this distinction clear enough. In order to ‘will’ clairvoyance to see the target, great energy has to be used to overcome the ‘limitations’ of clairaudience and clairsentience, but in fact if you are tuned into those modes, and confident in your talents, you can often get more knowledge than you would expect.

Black Magic problems

Dealing with black magic can involve sensory overload, a sign that the black magician has developed his or her perceptual abilities, along with ritual magic and techniques to work with spirits. Now, spirits are found at higher levels which are beyond the powers of remote viewers to see them, unless they already have those abilities.

The act of perception will always change the object of perception as Quantum Mechanics tells us. However, Black Magicians have techniques for preventing any change except for what they will or intend.

Stealing energy and ideas

Some Remote Viewers and Remote Influencers think that they can ‘steal’ energy or objects from the past or future. Spiritually and philosophically this is a bizarre non-starter. There is no past or future, only the present. Furthermore the concept that the individual is at One with Universe precludes the idea of stealing – you would be stealing from Yourself! What about the future? Physics tells us that entropy increases with time, so what are you stealing or building up for yourself? Having spent all my life developing my spiritual powers, and working with very highly evolved individuals, I can tell you that theft does not work – it does in the short term, but it is very easy to psychically and spiritually return the stolen items to the rightful owner. Related to the idea that you can steal things is paranoia, where everyone is out to get you. People also believe that sinister organizations run the world, such as the Illuminati or the Jews, and other mysterious Cabals. All these ideas are dis-empowering – they run the world and there is nothing you can do about it The true approach is to set your agenda and re-establish your own power, and self-determination. Whether or not these shadowy individuals or organizations exist, ultimately it does not matter, since you can live in your freedom, doing what you want.

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