Arabic Lunar Mansions & Magic Powers

by Feb 14, 2015

The 28 Arabic Lunar Mansions are used in magic, and they relate to the 28 Letters of the Arabic Alphabet.

Powers of the Arabic Lunar Mansions

Here are the mansions, their name, letter, powers and attributions.

1. Alif – Al Sharatain, “Most Holy”, “Most Glorified”

Alleviating birth difficulties. Gaining financial independence. Improving memory.

2. Ba – Al Butain, “The God of All Things”, “O God”

Power of seeing and commanding Jinn. Healing the eyes. Finding love, making a single attractive to find a marriage partner. Aid selling products at a good profit. This mansion is all about enhancing something or someone in the eyes of others.

3. Jim – Al Thuraiya, “Most Holy and Omnipotent”, “Most Glorified and Holy”, “Protector”

Gives wealth and comfortable retirement. Eliminates bed bugs. Conciliation between husband and wife. Control of celestial and terrestrial spirits.

4 Da – Al Dabaran, “O Living God”, “O Giver of Life”

Protection from evil, tyrants and Jinn. Vengeance on Oppressors, relief to prisoners. Relief from Jinn possession; the spirits will obey and fulfil requests.

5. Ha – Al Haqa “O Ever Subsistent One”, “O Existent One”

To aid Conception to a barren women. To gain high status and be loved by everyone.

6. Waw – Al Haq’a “O Loving One”

Powers of Venus. Breaking spells.

7. Zay – AL Dhira “O Complete One”

Attracting customers.

8. Ha – Al Nathra “Omnipotent One”

To cause many illnesses and death. To bring someone to you very quickly.

 9. Ta – Al Tarfa, “Praiseworthy”, “Glorious”, “King”

Fulfilling desires. To force someone or jinn to leave or return.

10. Ya – Al Jabha, “Strong One”

Protecting a child from Jinn and Evil Eye. For increasing wisdom. Being the foremost warrior. To bring a lover close.

11. Kaf – Al Kharatan, “Firm One”

Removes Jinn.

12. Lam – Al Sarfa “Encompassing One”

The Ring of Solomon. Summoning Spirits.

13. Mim – Al Awa “Glory to God”

Protecting your house from fire and burglars.

14. Nun – Al Simak “God All-Powerful”

Heal coughs. Stopping bleeding. Liberating prisoners. Torturing enemies.

15. Sin – Al Ghafr “Glory to God”

Finding lost objects. To see someone in a dream.

16. Ayn – Al Zubana “Giver of Security”

Curing eye problems. Settling debts.

17. Fa – Al Iklil “All Vigilant”

Always having money. Rescue from enemies.

18. Sad – Al Qalb “Wise One”

Eliminating enemies. Extinguishing a fire. Clearing spirits.

19. Qaf – Al Shawla “Almighty”

Safety from pestilence and enemies. Never have misfortune.

20. Ra – Al Naym “Munificent, Subduer”

Stop bleeding in periods.

21. Shin – Al Balda “Supreme”

Removing bewitchments. Blinding a skryer. To reach the level of the Masters.

22. Ta – Sa’d al Dhabih “Exalted”

Removing Ants.

23. Tha – Sa’d Bula’ “Judge”

Eliminating mosquitoes.

24. Kha – Sa’d al Su’ud “Supreme”

To cause hatred and hostility between people. To know if spirits have appeared at an operation.

25. Dhal – Sa’d al-Akhbiya “Pre-eternal One”

Never be hungry.

26. Dad -Fargh al-Muqaddam “Able to do all things”

Spiritual cleansing. Eloquence.

27. Za – Fargh al-Mu’a khkhar “Grateful, Generous”

Brings peace to a child. Needs fulfilled.

28. ghayn – Al Rasha “Almighty, Generous”

Dissolving bewitchments, making enemies flee.

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