A primer on how to use the Crystals and Psychic power

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So, you finally got your quartz crystal or whatever doodad you got that uses any psychic power. Great job lad/lass! But now what?

That’s a question we all face and this article will be a primer on how to use crystals and psychic power- essentially rules that you must abide unless you want the smack of Karma on your face, as well as countless other angry spirits (including God and other humans)

Rule number 1:

I hate it the most when people do this. YOU NEVER F*#)$()@#$!!ING DRAIN THE SITES. That’s right, I don’t give a shit about what you think you are worth and what your potential is – DON’T DRAIN THEM.

If you do drain them, then not only do you create bad karma for yourself (which is its own punishment) but you invite larvae, malicious spirits, witches, zombies and daemons to the empty site to take up the empty space that you selfishly left.

Listen up- don’t ever let your ego get in the way. Don’t think that the world revolves around you, that the universe is at your foot that you have this “great” potential and that if you die the whole world is gona die and we all will spend our afterlives in hell. This is the most stupid thing you can ever perceive yourself as. YOU AIN’T ANYTHING UNTIL YOU PROVE YOURSELF.

I will say again- DON’T LET YOUR SELFISH EGO GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR ACTIVITES. Ego is worthless in this world or any psychic realm. Ego doesn’t pay your bills, get you a new Rolex, and get the next Bling Bling or that Mercedes.

There are only so many sacred sites on Earth and we must protect them, as we live off of them as well. When you need power- draw them from Heaven, they will give you however much energy you can possibly want. Heaven had those sacred sites placed where they are now to maintain and regulate the order of the Earth so that it is not overrun by daemons, evil spirits, revenants, ghosts and such.

Every sacred site that we loose brings us that much closer to the end of humanity- or at least one shitty life.

Rule number 2:

Now, once you have tamed your power and can draw energy from Heaven and Earth you must as a rule- help at least 3 people a month. You don’t even need to know them and they don’t even need to know of your powers- JUST DO IT.

Because you are entrusted with the technology and power to draw psychic energy that 90% of the people are unaware of, you have a responsibility to help others in a positive way.

Don’t go off on that Moralizing crap, you know damn well what it is to help someone and what isn’t and God help you if you don’t.

When you draw energy from the Earth or Heaven, make sure to give them an offering of some sort. Can be anything- energy, own psychic essence (which is like blood that can be regenerated), money, food whatever. Just give back something.

Rule number 3:
DON’T GO BRAGGING TO OTHER PEOPLE (don’t be an evangelical about your newfound abilities)

That’s right, know that you have some basic control over yourself keep it as closely to yourself as possible. Granted, there will be people that need to know that you are this all “powerful” being sent from God (sarcasm) but most don’t need to. Do not ever go around bragging or making it obvious that you have these crystals and can do some psychic magic tricks. Not only does that make you look like a fool, the power that you just meagerly acquired will leave you and you will have the whole world looking at you for some great miracle that requires energy from you that you don’t have.

Rule number 4:
Understand that energy has a life of its own

I am a Daoist- so therefore I will use Chi as my reference to this all pervading psychic energy that surrounds and lives in each and every sentient being. Call it whatever you like but remember, Chi is not a mindless thing. It has life of its own. For the most part it’s a docile cow but if there if you use chi to caress your ego (ie. Bragging, draining sites dry etc) it will awaken and leave you.

Because you use Chi- there is karma. Everything you do will come back to you good or ill. You are not above karma, neither am I or anyone else. Because there is karma- there is life in this universe. Without Karma, no Chi. And might I add that Far Eastern vampires, evil ghosts and evil spirits are sentient beings that have been kicked out of the cycle of life (or the karmic cycle) therefore are cursed to feel the pains of hunger. Mind you- life, or unlife- wants to live! They will do anything and everything to take Chi from sentient beings that have Chi. Their ultimate task is either to transcend life (to exit it completely and reach Nirvana) or rejoin it (come back to the Karmic wheel).

Rule number 5:

Energy can only take you so far- it is your own personal philosophy and discipline to use it accordingly. It takes personal philosophy and belief to make it work. You cannot expect to have a money crystal to do everything- that will make you weak and worthless without the crystals. Crystals are tools but you must apply them. Sure you can “suck” out money energy from where-ever the hell it is you suck it out from but so what? Ain’t gona do you any good if it is just this latent power that is sitting around. You must do something worthy so that you receive money- then use the crystals to boost the message and your money making ability. Remember…


Finally, don’t be a hypocrite. That just pisses a lot of people off. Alright you psychic noobs- get your ass to work!

Questions? Comments? Email me at Khan_Sun_Do@yahoo.com If you are going to be emailing me for the first time (which I suspect most will) please title it “crystal” otherwise I will probably delete it

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