What tuning the crystals can do for you

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By YuKwan

Here is what happened after Paul worked on tuning the crystals purchased from elsewhere. About a year ago I ran into a site and read about the 7 psi crystals. A few months later I purchased the crystals and up until they were tuned- when the crystals were used sometimes it worked and sometimes it doesn’t work. When I thought a procedure or method had worked- such as RI- it doesn’t work (a lot). But I did know however I felt different when I first held it and carried it with me wherever I went. Over time, it soon felt like the crystals were dead. They felt like old, rusty and archaic technological devices.

Months later, Paul tuned my psi crystals..

End result – the effectiveness of the crystals went through the roof and I may be hallucinating (or feeling it altogether) but I always either see or feel a golden aura crown on my head.

Finding Heaven

After Paul retuned my crystals I played around with them, recharging myself, charging other things, reading the minds of others and the like. Then one day I decided if I could see Heaven. Me being a Daoist – one who is a follower of the ancient religion of China – I know that Heaven is in another universe all together. All things being in ratio- I had to cross a great black expanse before I reached Heaven. Mind you- Heaven isn’t in this universe.

Imagine this, a cluster of stars and planetary systems are known as a galaxy, and there are millions of galaxies out in the Universe. Each galaxy is countless light years away from each other. In Daoist literature, Heaven is its own universe that overlays our physical plane. But going directly to heaven you must cross empty space.

What I intended was a trans-universe “flight” from this universe to Heaven. After going through the normal procedures of removing the larvae and purifying myself (which is its own article) and then I created a psi-catapult if you will with the 7 crystals facing inwards and I flung myself across to the edges of this universe and began traveling the vast expanse. Before I did that however, I purified myself constantly and had this huge golden energy overlay over my entire body. To my…dismay I end up finding out that it isn’t empty space- it was full of larvae. Disgusting creatures, basically looks like an insect but black that can fly around with red glowing eyes (or so I saw it) with a sinister “voice” which sounds like gibberish. They laugh constantly. The best example I can give is that if you have ever played Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 and go to that level in the back of the castle, you go to a ghost level. Notice how they laugh- that’s almost exactly how they sounded like with variations here and there.

Now moving on, the golden energy overlay I had over my psi body. I saw all the larvae critters all over the place, but since I had the golden energy overlay I was protected. However, I did have a limited time and I also used the energy for propulsion and to fly to Heaven. It took several times of me going back to this universe and traveling to Heaven but I finally did get there (took me several times because I needed to turn back and recharge).

And then the interesting part begins

Entering Heaven

I entered in the realm of Heaven and as I was starting my ascent to the gates of Heaven I saw this Dragon pop out of nowhere. It flew right in front of me at a distance from the left. Then when it reached the middle of my field of vision it turned its head and faced me. Then it flew into where my third eye would be. When that was happening, the spot on where my third eye would turned into an extremely bright but tiny dot that radiated light all over. Then the dragon flew right into it and then I saw it enter my physical brain and it fly around my brain. Finally, when its whole body was in it nestled itself in my head on my brain so now whenever I see my brain it looks/feels like there is a tattoo of a dragon wrapped around my brain- biophysically and physically speaking.

I was at the Gates of Heaven. It was like a big cloud and on it was a massive gate and walls that stretch for countless miles in either direction. It was all glowing gold, radiating all over. There I was now without the aura and in my natural psi body state- which was me being light/dark blue. Now the color of each person will vary so keep that in mind.

There was a guard there in Qin style armor except the edges of the armor plates were dark green. He had a long Chinese halberd and when I approached the gate he put the spear on my chest and he shoved me back. After a few times more I explained to him why was there. So he let me go but I knew he would keep his eye on me. So as I am walking through the gates of Heaven I see a very tall (I mean giant sized) guy in guard armor. He began shouting at me at all my faults and this and that- which were all true. He was extremely loud- like thunder storm loud.

After that was over I walked over to another room. I saw a big old guy with a long flowing beard (no he isn’ God). If you have ever seen the movie-Hercules by Disney he was as large as Zeus at his temple.

Speaking to the Gods

The name of this big old guy was – Cai’Shen – the Chinese god of wealth. I was speaking to a god!

After awhile, we hammered out a deal of how the new Lunar year would turn out. And in order for him to send wealth energy my way, I had to present to him what I would do for it. He told me to write it down on paper and when I was finished to go back to him and he would review it.

Couple nights later, he approved of it. And I already began to see signs of it starting to happen and evolve.

Before the tuning, I wanted to do this but I felt like there was some bizarre, murky and deadly force that was literally trying to keep me from not doing it at all. With the crystals tuned however- it went away. And the end result was me talking directly to a god.

Now if you have different beliefs fine, it’s just that I come from a Daoist/Buddhist background. You can try this with God. Go sight see Heaven (or Hell for that matter).

Also, the crystals now feel like they are apart of me. Long after my body energy synchronized with the crystals I still felt like they were some accessory – like some extra object (guess because they weren’t tuned). Now they feel natural. My psi efficiency has gone way up and I even turned the tide of a game by using my newly enhanced mind-psi power to turn the tide of several chess games- despite my periodic moments of stupidity!

Hell, if tuning crystals could do this – I wonder what else it could do!

This is one of the many articles to come. You must note that as you carry out these psi methods- Paul can only give you guides to how to do it. This is all very personalized and no one’s procedures (or at least its hoped) will be exactly the same.

Questions? Comments? Email me at Khan_Sun_Do@yahoo.com If you are going to be emailing me for the first time (which I suspect most will) please title it “crystal” otherwise I will probably delete it

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