What to do when you have too many thoughts

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How many thoughts do you have? Thousands? Millions? Do they ever stop? Do you ever get peace from thoughts? Do you have too many thoughts?

Be honest, how random, incoherent, or irrelevant are those thoughts? It can really weird when you step back and analyse them!

I bet that when you try to find peace or respite from these intrusive thoughts, they get even louder. Maybe you can’t even escape when asleep, as often the problem is even worse at 2am.

So what is going on? Notice that I said “thoughts”, not thinking, for often you can plan your day and get on with it. Thoughts must be yours, because they are in your head, mustn’t they?

Maybe not, for what if you are far more psychic than you ever thought? What if most of these annoying notions are not even yours? What if you are acting as a giant thought receiver from people you never even met? Not only thoughts, but feelings too? Since many of the thoughts can be negative, or dirty, or depressing, it can be difficult for you to have positive thoughts about yourself. Some of my clients have likened it to be living in a cess-pit where you never  get out of it. Disgusting.

As I alluded to earlier, trying to find peace of mind often has the opposite effect – thoughts get louder or more intrusive, as in effect you are improving the mind’s ability to receive impressions from others.

Who does this belong to?

How do you escape from this madness? The solution is actually quite easy, but it requires a paradigm shift. What we need to do is find a way of knowing whether a thought or feeling  is yours or someone else’s. How do know if something is real? In the past, you probably went by how intense you felt, but I suspect you find that this does not  work any more. Knowing if something is true works better if you consider that truth will be light and give you space, while a lie will make you feel small and heavy. So we need to ask to find out if a thought is a lie (not yours), or true. Here’s the question: “Who does this belong to?” If you feel light then it’s not yours! All you do then is to say “Return to sender…” (you might have to demand it, or repeat it several times), and that thought or sense should disappear. Do it for another, and another… you will find that pretty much every thought and feeling that you thought was yours is almost certainly someone else’s!

Staying in the question

What is important is that you stay in the question, as the question will bring up the energy, which has to be released (“Return to sender”). Even more important is to stay in the question, which means not looking for an answer. In practice this means that you do not look to find who the perpetrator is – you will go crazy on that wild goose chase.

Depending on how many thoughts you are receiving, you will have to use this technique almost continually for three days, but long before then you will either get bored, or forget about it entirely. Either way, when you realise you have not been asking the question, just start over, and it does get easier. You can even get to the point where you realise that you have hardly had any at all.

Remarkably, this technique is more powerful than meditation, and it certainly is faster.

If you have a friend who also suffers from an excess, you can help each other. When your friend goes on about something, just ask, and with any luck you can both speed up the process.

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