Enochian Calls analysed from 2 to 18

by Mar 30, 2015

Second Call

Now that we have established that the God of Justice fills and surrounds the worlds, and that man can have the same authority, we need to establish exactly what it is that man rules. We have a vertical component, and now it is necessary for the horizontal dimensions to be presented, in seed form.

This is all about the ruling spirits of the aethyrs and the four elements. Note that the cardinal directions are not mentioned, so we may infer that we are witnessing a transformation within the Aethyr that creates the four elements within a blueprint. Thus a holistic and thorough system is developed.

“Can the Wings of the Winds understand your voices of Wonder?”

Wings, winds, voices: all refer to the element of Air or Aethyr, but it is probably better to use the Vedic term Akasha or space, as we have to be careful to distinguish between the unifying principle of Akasha that contains all the aethyrs, and the element Air, which is equal to Water, Earth and Fire. We have a hierarchy, and a challenge is issued to see whether these three can comprehend each other. At the top are Wings, the Archangels. The Winds refer to all the aethyrs and voices are, of course, men.

The next line develops the hierarchy by saying that these spirits are subject to the First Call; “O you the Second of the First”, and that they are a continuation or development of the First Call. This theme is repeated many times throughout.

“…Whom the burning flames have framed within the depth of my Jaws”

The flames are found in the First Call, but it is not clear if the Jaws are God’s or man’s, but remember that speech or voices had the authority to command the spirits. The order of the elements is different from that given in the Calls. Here, we have:


Flames, laws


Cups for a wedding


Flowers…Fate…barren stone


Voices… manifold winds

This is not the YHVH order, although we have the primary elements Fire and Water, before the secondary elements Earth and Air. That these elements are not the ordinary, everyday experience of life is emphasised by:

“For you are become a building such as is not, but in the mind of the All Powerful”

The magician has to become something that only exists for God! This is clearly a Divine level, and the implication is that it is something that cannot be judged by the man’s peers.

The conjuration is now made, and it is clear that it is done with the authority of the “First” to his “servants”, those who “Sware obedience and faith to him that liveth and triumpheth” (First Call). The spirits are also demanded not only to reveal their powers to the magician, but also to give him the strength to see the visions. Again the eternal aspect is emphasised to ensure that there is no possible higher authority.

To sum up, this gives the magician the power to control within his own awareness all four elements in their seed form, within Akasha, before they become manifest or differentiated in four directions.

Third Call

The importance of Akasha (over and above that which is equal to the other three) continues to be emphasised. The First states that the God of Justice, who maintains and disposes harmony, rules over all. The Second states that the Four elements are created within Akasha, while the Third is about air itself. Remember that there are also 30 Aethyrs to consider!

This Call describes Aquarius.

“…I am a circle on whose hands stand Twelve Kingdoms…

Six are the seats of living breath: the rest are as sharp sickles, or the Horns of Death”

The circle of twelve Kingdoms are of course, the signs of the Zodiac, probably the 12 Angel Kings who rule over the 30 Aethyrs. Later the Call declares 12 Seats of Government, and these may be the 12 Tribes of the Israelites. We see that the Third describes how the orders of the God of Justice within the First are carried out.

The Call tells us that the action of God in the First becomes the action of the magician:

“I Made ye stewards, and placed ye in twelve seats of Government: giving unto everyone of you power successively over the 456 true ages of time: to the intent that from the highest vessels and the corners of your governments you might work my power, pouring down the fires of life and increase continually on the earth. Thus you are become the skirts of Justice and Truth.”

The conjuration is different from the previous Calls, in that the magician sees the action of God’s work through man and the spirits.

The characteristics of the rest of the Calls are more straightforward


Pisces, and there are several indicators of this. For example, “feet” are ruled by Pisces. “Thunders” is a metaphor for Heavens; Thunder is something that happens in the air, and only within storm clouds, so we have the idea of Air being transformed into moisture. Thunder also has lightning, so Fire is also implicated. That we are in a new area is indicated by “2nd Angle”, and that it is a continuation from the 3rd  (the 1st Angle), by “in whom the second beginning of things are and wax strong.” The prolific and fertile nature of water is noted. Despite the differences between the elements, usually listed in occult literature, similarity and equality is still important, witness: “…their powers are as the first 456” . The conjuration of pleasure and pleasantness (qualities of water) in marked contrast to the Third, and also that creation occurs in this region.


This region is characterised by comfort and peace: The Olive branch is a symbol of peace and reconciliation. The mountain is a potent symbol of power and meditation, where prophets ascended to meet God. That this is not here is indicated by “Dwelling in the brightness of the Heavens”. Despite a change of direction, continuance is shown by “Brothers of the First and Second” and “whose numbers are as the First, the Ends, and the contents of Time”. Elsewhere, in the Call of the 30 Aethyrs, the Earth is said to be ruled by division and change, while here rule is shown by “Our Lord and Master is the All-One!” This Angle is similar to the Fourth.


Aries, located in the Heavens. Fire has a dual function, assisting the righteous while destroying evil. While the difference is very clear, we are reminded that it is still “as the Second and the Third”, and that control is through “Voice”. There is a suggestion that music or singing is heard here. We have now completed a description of Akasha and the four elements, and this is a good time to compare what we have studied with the ‘traditional’ system of magic in the West. The magician begins with invoking the four directions, using the Kerubic or fixed signs: Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. These signs have long been associated with the Biblical Tetramorphs; Man, Eagle, Lion and Bull, and it is interesting that the Kerubic signs have a component of Air within them. By definition, the Kerubic signs are very stable, necessary for any kind of magical work. By contrast, the Enochian system starts with space, or Akasha, for want of a better word. Akasha controls, dispenses and harmonises man with the spirits. In the 2nd, the elements appear within Akasha, and it is only in the next four Calls that we see them being created, and these four are in their pure forms.


Gemini. This is continued from the “3rd and 4th Towers”, ie Earth and Fire. A feminine area, “house of Virgins”, that has direct origins with the “Flames of first glory”. There are 28 dwellings, indicating possibly the 28 Lunar Mansions, which is significant, as the 3rd rules the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Gemini is often associated with teenagers and superficiality, which is where the “ornamentations” come from. Water calms the ferocity of the Air. The conjuration sings praises to God, in order that power and strength is given.


“The first (Air) is as the third”. The hyacinth pillars are complementary to the “19 pillars of gladness” in the 5th Call. The Earth is essentially benevolent, but it is not enough to pacify Air completely, so we have two images of the “stooping dragon”, and the Widow, who is Wisdom atop a mountain, because very few people reach true knowledge. There is also reference to the fallen angels (Air) that remain in the earth.


Libra. A mighty Guardian Angel who is fiery, holding a pair of two edged swords, with poisonous wings (wormwood and the marrow of salt). The phrase “which have eight vials of wrath for two times and a half”, is obscure, but kabbalistically, wrath is associated with the nostrils, heavy breathing, signifying the anger of God that no one can calm. Wormwood is found in Revelation Chapter 8, where the earth is destroyed by Fire, and the water is poisoned by wormwood. Clearly, this is designed to master even the most deadly of spirits.


Scorpio is indicated by the “thunderers of Judgement and Wrath”, discussed in the Fourth; and scorpions, lower symbol of Scorpio. The earth continues to burn, sulphur and poisonous, causing earthquakes. Air is still not subdued. The only symbol of stability is of an Oak tree, knowledge, with 22 nests, a possible reference to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Perhaps the Enochian alphabet may be found in this region.


We have a much calmer picture, despite the prominence of Air, denoted by 5 Thunders. The connection with the l0th is shown by an Eagle (Air, and a higher symbol of Scorpio), who calls the thunders from the House of Death, another description of Scorpio.


Cancer. There are few clues, except the “28 Lanterns of Sorrow” which connects this to the 7th, Gemini. Cancer of course, follows the Gemini in the Zodiac. There is a wrathful quality to this sub-quadrant.


Taurus. 42 eyes may be connected with the 42 lettered Name of God.


Virgo. Vexation is connected with the Earth, but there is little to connect it with Virgo. The 24 Seats mentioned may have a connection with the l0th, where there are earthquakes. 24 may also be connected to the 24 Seniors.


Capricorn. The angel rules “the First Flame” that “weaves the earth with dryness”. Righteousness and honour are descriptions of this sub-quadrant.


Leo, indicated by “2nd Flame” and “House of Justice”. Fire and Air are usually wrathful, but here there is comfort for the just, and knowledge of spirits.


Sagittarius. Again few clues, except that there is Fire. Vexation is said to indicate water that is stirred by wings, except that the earth is vexed in the Call of the 30 Aethyrs.


A fire of comfort and joy within the centre of the earth.

The last three Calls are generally calm, in contrast to the 6th, Fire of Fire, where retribution to the wicked is more likely. The reason may be that the peacefulness of the Earth sub-quadrants continues their influence.

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