Enochian Spirits return to England

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A large part of my work is clearing blocks, often in the environment. This is known as space clearing, but space is already clear – it is the objects that need clearing. There is always a payoff for doing this work, usually in the form of knowledge. In the last few weeks, the vision has been fascinating – the Enochian spirits have returned!

Have the Enochian spirits been away? When I first went online over 10 years ago there was a thriving elist on Enochian magic, reports of invocations by various magicians. For several years now, the list has been moribund. Nothing new of note has turned up.

My visions have been full of the Watchtowers, Kings, Sigil dei Amaeth, and other sundry aspects. Even more recently and significantly, I have witnessed the return of the Governors.

Why is this important? Well, John Dee’s accounts of Enochian magic demonstrate this system is about governance of the world. Dee started his work when Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne in England, a bankrupt country fearful of Catholic Europe. By the end of her reign, England was the most powerful country in Europe, her enemies, particularly Spain, had been vanquished, and the beginnings of the British Commonwealth had commenced.

I do need to make this clear – my visions of Enochian – the full system – resulted after spiritual work to clear blocked energy. Now, I have seen Enochian spirits in the past, but never in such a comprehensive form. England’s stock in the world has not been so low since well, Elizabethan times. It will be fascinating to see how this develops.  Invocation or evocation of Enochian is not necessary – the spirits are there already.

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