Who are the Jinn? Smokeless Fire

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What is Smokeless fire?

Smokeless fire is the poetic description of the Sun that blazes fiercely in the Arabian desert, and is doubly significant since there is no suggestion that the Jinn are invoked by fire.

The Jinn are born from the smokeless fire in parallel to humans according to the Koran. They live invisibly with us, marry, and have children. Sura 72 of the Koran talks about the time the Jinn listened when the Prophet Mohammed was teaching.

In Islam, they cause problems to humans. There are actually Islamic laws dealing with Jinn.

In the 14th or 15th century, variations of a mysterious document by ‘Abramelin’ appeared in the west. It listed the names of 72 Goetic spirits, their names, their rank, a description, and the powers of each spirit. The names are ancient Gods, and other sources, while clearly denote femininity, all the Goetia seem to be male.

After a serious of complex rituals lasting six months, the magician is supposed to be ready to meet his Holy Guardian Angel by in part invoking these Goetic spirits.

The lack of a history before the appearance of the Abramelin rituals suggest the rituals were borrowed from elsewhere. Goetic spirits manifested to me a number of times. I never invoked or evoked them – they appeared! When I was writing The Tarot and the Magus, the Goetia told me that they were cousins of the the Spirits of the Major Arcana.

Despite the western magical pre-occupation with knowing the name of the Spirit, and verifying that the spirit will comply, none of these are actually required. I learnt also that even though the names of the Goetia are not correct, they are happy to be known by these them. Just as we have nick-names. The ranks of King, Marquis are totally false, as are the ‘powers’ given by Abramelin. All that we have left is the names and the description, so they are easily identified. Goetic Spirits looks like the traditional description, and I will either hear the name, or I will see it written.

Goetia are friendly

The Goetia appear very friendly, and fun. They have a brilliant sense of humour. They told me that they originated in Iraq. I have learned a lot about the Goetia, and that they want to work more with us, but not using the cruel techniques of the Abramelin ritual.

First of all we have to use their correct appellation, the Jinn. The Abramelin documents were derived from Arabic sources, just as so much of our western magic originates from. The medieval Judaeo-christian perspective makes us view the Goetia as demonic – anything not understood is demonic. This view continues today, with modern magicians unable to see beyond what is already written in Abramelin.

You now have the chance to safely, practically, and creatively work with the Jinn, who will naturally respond. You will have all the Jinn at your fingertips; you will have their world fusing with your world.

72 Jinn correspond to the 72 quinances of five degrees of the zodiac circle. Each quinance is a gateway to new worlds. Each Jinn controls and reflects the powers beyond that gateway. The sequence of Jinn also corresponds to the cards of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, so for example, Baal and Agares are the ruling powers of the first ten degrees or decanate of Aries, and the 2 of Wands, Dominion.

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Meeting the Goetia

Meeting the Goetia

Visitations from the Goetia are more common that you might think. Reasons for this lie in the way we think about them.

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