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Client experience of healing from Paul Hughes-Barlow…

God truly works in mysterious ways. I still do not fully understand why this door has opened for me. The only thing I can assume is that it was meant to be so. I did not intentionally seek out Punditt, I was not looking for a new belief system, nor was I interested in working with spirits. The one thing I do know is that for the past several months I have felt an emptiness inside, which I determined to be a lack of spirituality and therefore a lack of balance.

Working with Punditt

By what would appear as complete coincidence, I ended up reading posts about Punditt Maharaj on the Supertarot website. I was intrigued by the possibility that others believed as I had begun too. That spirituality is not meant to be difficult and structured. Rather, it should be a personal journey that comes naturally to each individual.

From that first direct contact with Punditt, my life was forever changed for the better. He did not say or do anything particularly life changing, but contact with him, combined with my openness and willingness to try a new approach, started a process in the spiritual world that could not be stopped. The very next day after chatting with him, I was approached by a spiritual being.

The spirit appeared – Astaroth

It appeared in my mind’s eye and remained there until I acknowledged it. Contrary to popular belief, there was nothing scary or alarming about it, despite its fearsome initial appearance. In fact, it seemed to be one of the most natural experiences I have ever had. I asked what it needed and offered my help. Through later work, I learned that this spiritual being was in fact Astaroth, one of the Goetia.

Now for those of you familiar with the Goetia, you may be intensely skeptical at this point, but I assure you this is the truth. The way we have been trained in antiquity to work with these wonderful beings is all wrong. We are not meant to subdue the Goetia with dangerous rituals and threatening tools. They are angels with the divine purpose of helping us find and walk our spiritual Path. They are some of the most helpful beings I have encountered and are very easy to work with. I have had the fortune to work with several others since then, including Baal, Amon, and Forneus, all with the same natural ease and friendliness.

Goetia and Empowerment

Empowering these beings to work in my life has wrought rapid spiritual changes I barely thought possible. Thus began a spiritual path that requires the willingness to work for others 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but that is much easier and more natural than you can imagine. No rituals, tools, or intense conditioning required to get started. The only requirement is the willingness to help spiritual beings, as friends and partners, in exchange for their assistance. Magick can truly be as easy as that. Punditt often says that when you are working with the right people, doing the right things, magick is simple. I believe this to be absolutely true, as I have witnessed it myself.

(This article was sent to me with the author’s permission to publish, with his privacy guaranteed.)

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