Punditt Maharaj – reassessing spiritual systems

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There comes a time when you realise that the spiritual and magical systems do not quite match up to your expectations. There must be more to them, but their limitations become more and more clear.

Punditt Maharaj exemplified this extraordinary ability to transcend all spiritual and magical systems in this world, and worlds beyond. He was able to use those systems, but he gave an extra dimension that has taken me over twenty years of study and research to discover. He never discussed his work; he expected me to learn from the Spirits. Having Spirits talk is one thing, but having the ability to hear them is quite another. It was not until he entered into Silence (he has retired, and rarely speaks to anyone), that I began to understand his work.

Spiritual Systems

Punditt expected me to study just about every spiritual and magical system, by his extraordinary ability to induce visions related to those systems. He would never tell me when these visions would happen, and he would never discuss them with me, so I was forced to research and find out what those visions meant. The traditional methods of seeing these visions involved extensive training and practise, and the use of magical rituals. I did none of these. For example, I was seeing visions that related to the Goetic and Enochian systems of magic, and yet I never did any rituals from the Golden Dawn, or the Abramelin rituals. Spirits from these systems would seem, apparently for no reason, and I would have to work out what needed to be done. Usually a deal was required – I would help the Spirit, usually to free it, and the Spirit would help me in some way.

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Chilla with Punditt – 40 days of prayer and penance

Chilla with Punditt – 40 days of prayer and penance

Being taught by a Silent Sufi Master, who does not discuss Sufi practice has definite advantages. I would regularly go with Pundit to a Christian graveyard in Hove, where, he said, he does a lot of spiritual work. After a while, he instructed me to visit this...

Ecstasy and Bliss – tricky experiences on the Path

Ecstasy and Bliss – tricky experiences on the Path

Spiritual experiences, such as states of ecstasy and bliss are tricky.  If I was experiencing them, I was certainly never allowed to look like it. None of this swaying, waving hands in the air, or all things people do to make it look like they are in a trance....

How to be a Pundit – there are no easy ways!

How to be a Pundit – there are no easy ways!

A number of people have asked about how to learn how to be a pundit. This is not easy, for a number of reasons. It has taken me over twenty years to learn, I am still learning, and I do not expect to stop learning. I cannot expect students to have that level of...

Pundit – how meditation led me to him

Pundit – how meditation led me to him

I had no idea Pundit and meditation would be so important, but from a very early age I knew I was different. Most of my childhood on school premises, and I was particularly aware of spirits, especially when the buildings were empty. I was going through a typical...

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