Astrological Attributions aid predictions in Tarot

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Astrological Attributions of the Tarot for making predictions

Learning the astrological attributions to each tarot card will help you become a better and more accurate tarot reader. The divinatory meanings of the card tell the reader what is happening, while the astrological attributions, when right, tell the reader when it will happen.

There is also an association with the signs and decanates, which is very useful for when making predictions. The associations are based upon the letter attributions in the Sepher Yetsirah. There are several versions, but we use the Golden Dawn system for consistency.

The Table below is divided into three main sections. The Zodiac column has the signs in the usual order starting with Aries. The ‘Major’ column gives the twelve Major cards associated with sun signs. The Court column shows how the attributions of the court cards (not the Princesses which rule around the Pole Star) are ‘offset’ by ten degrees, which equates to around ten days. The ‘Minor’ column lists the Minor cards in the astrological order, not the sephirotic sequence; the Aces are omitted as they rule the quadrant around the Pole Star with the Princesses. Note that the column starts with Ten of Cups, which is part of the end of the sequence, not Aries. The Decanate column gives the degrees ruled by each card. The ‘Dates’ column has a multi-function, depending on what card you are looking at.

The astrological order of the four elements is: Fire, Earth, Air then Water, which is repeated three times.

The Elements

The attributions of the Major cards to the planets are:

  • Fool  – Uranus
  • Magus – Mercury
  • High Priestess – Moon
  • Empress – Venus
  • Wheel of Fortune – Jupiter
  • Hanged Man – Neptune
  • The Tower – Mars
  • The Sun – Sun
  • Aeon – Pluto
  • Universe or World – Saturn


Working with a partner, take turns to hold up a card. The other person should state the dates or periods of time represented by the card.

Advanced Exercise

One student calls out a day of the year, and the other student has to announce the cards associated with it.

Points to Ponder

The system of Elemental Dignities does not apply when looking at astrology, nor do we need to look at the divinatory meanings, such as Ruin for the Ten of Swords or Love for the Two of Cups. The important aspect is that of time, the number of days associated with the cards. This system is very useful when the querent asks about a partner, and if they know their sun sign (they usually do), you can scan through the spread to find the associated cards. The advantage of this system is that you do not have to rely on hair colour etc from the traditional tarot system. Knowing and expressing the astrological attributions where necessary in a reading usually impresses the querent, and gives them confidence in your abilities.

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