Astrology, Tarot and Health

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Use Tarot to show areas of health issues using Astrology, which has centuries of experience in this area. Even in the nineteenth century, medical diagnosis often depended on a branch of horary astrology known as decumbiture.

If the Three of Swords appears in a significant place in a twelve card spread, it usually points to either relationship difficulties or illness. Tabulated below are the general areas of the body related to the signs of the zodiac and the Houses.

The Four of Swords suggests rest and recovery, while the Nine of Wands is always an indicator of health improvements.

Health and the zodiac signs

1 Aries – Emperor

2 Taurus – Hierophant

Throat, neck

3 Gemini – The Lovers

Shoulders, arms, hands, lungs

4 Cancer – The Chariot


5 Leo – Strength or Lust

Heart, back, spine

6 Virgo – The Hermit


7 Libra – Justice or Adjustment

Kidneys, buttocks

8 Scorpio – Death

Sexual organs

9 Sagittarius – Temperance or Art

Thighs, hips

10 Capricorn – The Devil


11 Aquarius – The Star


12 Pisces – The Moon


The cards in the 6th and 8th houses are indicators of sickness, particularly if there is a planet in either of them. Advanced astrologers will be able to use derived houses or Mercury (ruler of Virgo, health) to find any problems. Medical astrology is a complex subject. Chinese and Vedic astrologers routinely diagnose health problems.

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