Freeing Spirits – the not easy but powerful way

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Freeing spirits has been fundamental to my life since my early years as a teenager.  Western ideas of liberation have been hugely influenced by the Orient. We have all seen pictures of sadhus living in isolation.

Spiritual liberation seems easier if you live in the forest or up a mountain, but far more good can be done among the general humanity.

The distinction between human spiritual liberation and freeing spirits blurs. In fact, there is no distinction. Spiritual development not only benefits spirits, but it is possible to help spirits evolve. This is a fascinating part of my work. Setting spirits free is incredibly powerful, and this explains why I have spent so much time on Brighton seafront.

At the beginning of September, I saw legions of spirits coming into Brighton from the sea. This marks a change in the fortunes of England. There are plenty of other spirits who are trapped, often by black magicians.

This weekend, Ramadan started, and I broke fast with a small group of English sufis in Brighton before Dhikr. During the dhikr, I could see more spirits still trapped around the Old Steine; fortunately, during this special spiritual time, I found the key to releasing them. Remarkably, they were Jinn! I must admit I had wondered where they were gone, as they had been around before.

With the release of Jinn, through the blessings of Allah, new knowledge will come.

What is remarkable about the Enochian spirits is that contrary to the view expressed by western magicians who see them as alien, actually the spirits are ones I have seen ever since a child. Let me stress this. The Enochian spirits naturally part of the spiritual landscape. It seems that the western magickal techniques based upon the kabbalistic Tree of Life causes alienation, not only in magicians, but in the spirits themselves.

Seeing not only the Enochian spirits, but also many more Jinn this month marks a new phase in spiritual development.

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