Finding lost or stolen objects in Horary Astrology

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People ask Tarot readers about mislaid or stolen items, where they can find a lover or relationship, or perhaps which direction to move home or work. Horary Astrology comes to the rescue.

Places of Objects – the Elements

At an elemental level, finding objects is self-explanatory.


Middle height or level, near a wall, by a fire or heat source, near something that is iron or steel


In water, lowlands, near moisture. Fountains, bathrooms, oil tanks, liquid containers.


Upper level, above ground, upstairs, near windows, fresh air.


On the ground, in the earth. By a bridge. Concrete or pavements

The Triplicities

The Triplicities show how easy something is found:


The lost object is in its usual place: nearby, quick and easy to find


The object is not in its usual place, and will take longer to find. However, it is usually nearby, outside, or in an outbuilding such as a garage, or in the garden


Either far off, or close by, but hidden and almost impossible to find. This will take time to find, usually indirectly by a third-party

Zodiac signs and directions

The zodiac signs narrow down the direction:

  • Aries: East
  • Taurus: South by East
  • Gemini: West by South
  • Cancer: North
  • Leo: East by North
  • Virgo: South by West
  • Libra: West
  • Scorpio: North by East
  • Sagittarius: East by South
  • Capricorn: South
  • Aquarius: West by North
  • Pisces: North by West

The Houses and Compass directions

The Houses follow the compass directions:

  1. East
  2. ENE
  3. NNE
  4. North
  5. NNW
  6. WNW
  7. West
  8. WSW
  9. SSW
  10. South
  11. SSE
  12. ESE

Zodiac signs – greater detail

Most Querents will need more detailed information, and for this we look at the zodiac signs:


Sandy or hilly grounds. Lonely areas. Engineering works, where heat and iron are used. The roof and roof space. Blood.


Cellars, low rooms, feeding grounds, banks, safe deposit boxes, rooms, farm buildings, storerooms.


Studies, libraries, cars, trains, buses, schools. Drawers, containers, filing cabinets. Car garages. Among papers or books. Mountains, where people come and go.


Oceans, rivers, running water, lakes, springs, trenches, pumps, laundry rooms. Near water or food. The womb, the grave, cemeteries. Locations where mothering or nurturing takes place.


Parks, woods, forests, wild areas, jungle, playgrounds, amusement parks, entertainment establishments. Theatres, palaces, forts, ostentatious buildings. Rocky or high locations. Fireplaces, furnaces, chimneys, ovens. Showy, glamorous locations.


Inside a pocket or container. Pantries, storage locations of food and dairy products, granaries. Offices, studies, sick-rooms, medicine cabinets. Utilitarian areas.


Attics, mountain tops, hill-sides, stony or sandy ground, fresh air, wardrobes, elevated locations, bookshelves.


Rubbish tips, rubbish bins, near water, infestations where cockroaches, rats, plumbing, kitchens, wash rooms, cemeteries. Stagnant water, where flooding occurs. Underground tunnels, secret drawers, hidden or haunted sites.


Mountains, hills with trees, highlands. Large, upper rooms, fireplaces. Churches, sports arenas. Horses, stables. Areas close to the ceiling


Dark locations, barren fields, bushy or thorny land. Tool houses, low places, depressed locations.  Business areas. Farmyard equipment.


Hilly uneven ground, sites recently dug up, stone quarries, vineyards. Areas off the floor.  Machinery, lecture rooms, computers, aircraft, modern technology. Air conditioning, draughty areas. Upstairs rooms.


Coastal areas, marshy ground, rivers, aquariums, pumps, religious areas. Liquids, chemicals, oils, healing techniques. Hospitals, clinics, jails. Dark rooms, cinemas. Cold damp floors, carpets. Areas that flood.

Locations Represented by the Houses

First – Self

Where the querent spends long periods.  On the querent’s body, in the querent’s room, at the front of the house.

Second – Finance

Vaults, where valuables are kept.

Third – Siblings

Local neighbourhood, library, books, neighbours’ home, where one has recently visited, friends of children, local transport.

Fourth – home, water

Watery places, the kitchen, basement, plumbing. Father’s room. Old people’s home, historical places, graveyards.

Fifth – gambling, sports

Child’s room, stock market, gambling establishments, theatres, nightclubs, romantic locations, with a mistress, at a resort.

Sixth – workplace

The workplace, doctors surgery, shops, restaurants. Inside something. Military base, co-worker’s home, zoo.

Seven – partner, legal

Where the partner spends the most time. Spouse’s room, lawyer’s office, the law courts, the Tarot Reader, the father’s home

Eight – water

Near water, bathrooms, waste disposal, surgery, operating rooms, mortuaries, detectives, brothel

Nine – abroad, travel

Far away, different country, with strangers. High locales, shelves, the attic, air plane, airport. College, church, courtroom, in-laws, publishers, wedding

Ten – government, business

Hallway, parent’s room,. Business premises, Government buildings, structural parts of a building, administrators, courthouse, employer, landlord, public place.

Eleven – friends, politics

Clubs, lodges, meeting places, Congress, Parliament, acquaintances, foster child or god-child, charitable organisations. Places where the querent hopes or desires.

Twelve – hidden locales

Hospitals, pharmacies, zoos, prisons, mental institutions, social security offices, ashrams, monasteries, hidden places, of prayer and meditation, mysterious zones, sick room, doctors office, clinic.

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  1. Maria Molinari

    Hi this is a great guide, and thank you for sharing it, but how would you do the predicting? Using a special spread? Drawing one card? thank you

    • Paul-Hughes-Barlow

      Hi Maria,

      you can either use an astrology based tarot spread, or use the Opening of The Key Tarot spread, which I describe on Supertarot.

  2. silvia ng

    DAMN, I found my lost keys on shelves, this is quite accurate , i used the locations represented by the houses (Nine)


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