Magical Powers of the Tarot

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Magical Powers of the Tarot – Goetia and Liber 231

The magical powers of the Tarot have been neglected for too long. Despite the fact that the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley put the Tarot at the heart of their magical systems, few people appreciate that it is the basis for Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. While I was researching my book, The Tarot and the Magus, November 2003, various Spirits presented themselves, which I describe in the book.

Conventional wisdom has it that the Tarot can be structured on Kabbalistic principles, and the Kabbalah works very well. I have always had a nagging doubt about this, and I suspect that this is why the magical development has been hampered. As a result of my own researches using the Tarot and crystals, the attributions and divinatory meanings
of the Tarot remain, and Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot is the true authority. Magically, the Tarot is composed of three aspects:

  • Liber 231
  • Goetia
  • Akasha

Magic beyond Kabbalah

While all of these systems use the Kabbalah in some form, fundamentally they are not Kabbalistic. The origin of Liber 231 is not clear, but it was transmitted to Aleister Crowley. There are two sets of 22 sigils and 22 verses, which obviously relate to the 22 Major Arcana. Kenneth Grant explored the ‘Kliphotic’ spirits in Nightside of Eden, which inspired
Linda Falorio to create her Shadow Tarot based upon the Sigils. In my book The Tarot and the Magus, I discuss the role of the Spirits in meeting your Holy Guardian Angel, which parallels the function of the Goetic spirits. The Tablet of Union is formed of the names of the four elements in Enochian Magic, and synthesizes the four Enochian Watchtowers.

The 72 Goetic Spirits are paired (Night Spirits and Day Spirits) and put on the Minor arcana from 2 to 10, while the 20 squares on the Tablet of Union relate to the Aces and Court cards and Akasha. Exploration of the Trinity of these systems will result in the development of the magical powers of the Tarot.

Tarot and Crystal magick

The Tarot system comprises the Goetic Spirits, Liber 231 and the Akasha

Many years of research and study of the Tarot has convinced me that synthesis is the only way to understand this powerful system rather than focus on the individual cards. One crystal that unites the powers of the Tarot has incredible implications for magic since the ultimate goal of the Tarot is the conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel.

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