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The Tunnels is the background and prelude to a new and fascinating chapter in the work of the Adepts, who between them have discovered a new healing system  inspired by the High Priestess design in the Thoth Tarot deck. For various reasons, I realised my usual healing techniques were not working, I dimly remembered the tunnel clearing technique. Immediately I started work, the usual detritus of roots, vegetation, sand, silt and mud started to pour out. However, there was something different.

I realised that the tunnel now extended a lot further than they ever did in the past when I was employing this healing technique. In a dream, the work continued, the tunnel extended, and I had a brain wave. In dreams it is easy to move about, so I intended to go to the end or source of the tunnel. Immediately I did this, I saw spirits who were causing the blockages. I was on to something. Black magic using crystals blocked the tunnels. After discussing this with the Adepts, who found crystals, and their enemies – the High Priestess in the Thoth Tarot also had vegetation and crystals in the design.

Tunnels and levels of Consciousness

This knowledge triggered in the awareness, that the tunnel was a means of exploring levels of consciousness, and new spheres or worlds of consciousness. On the Tree of Life the High Priestess, the Path that runs from Tipareth to Kether, which means it crosses the Abyss into the Supernal Triangle. Kenneth Grant also mentions the Abyss, probably in the same context. The High Priestess shows the curvilinear and rectilinear paths of the Projective Synthesis Geometry beyond the figure of the woman. The Priestess is sitting on a throne, which is not moving, while at the base is the image of a camel. The camel, GML, is the ship of the desert – who had ever heard of camels flying? This card represents Isis, the pure projection of the Feminine who is beyond the Veil. The Veil, that which covers higher levels of consciousness, the formless beyond forms.

Clearing blockages in the Tunnels

By now the vision had expanded, and we could perceive other tunnels. Some were short or stunted, or curved over, embryonic shoots, while others diverted from their essentially straight path. It was easy to work on these tunnels and straighten them.

With the expanded awareness which made it easier to see more tunnels, we had a new model to comprehend, coupled with a major shift in power. Instead of increasing in length, the tunnels were actually shrinking, to the point, when pressure of awareness was enough to take one into the new dimension. Very soon, that was all it took, applying pressure of awareness over a large area and not a point. A spiritual osmosis was at work, reminding me of pressing grapes.

Clearing Tree Roots in the Forest

The roots were now  perceived in a different context, that of roots of trees, it was like being in the Forest of Mordor, or the forests in the Harry Potter films, except there was none of the dread or fear. We were able to ‘pull back’ to see that we were in a forest, in a similar way that the roots before were in a desert. By taking a higher elevation, there were more paths in the forest, with the occasional clearings and in those clearings, there were people. We knew that they were Prophets,  Masters, and other spiritually evolved people. We also knew that we had to find ways of bringing these extraordinarily Masters into the consciousness of others. We had to find the way to connect.

Transformation of consciousness requires an effort. There are obstacles to clear. We had cleared some of the blockages to give us the big vision. The forest represented new levels of consciousness, and the entities of the new consciousness.

We had to release the Spirits and the Prophets using techniques we had seen.

Here is the difference between the old methods, stuck in paranoia and fear, into a new vision, where the Seer partakes of the Vision, where the Seer is not a passive viewer. It is the Seers that work together to gently pierce through the Veils of the High Priestess, of the Goddess of Maat, to create a new sense of spirituality. The genius of Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris conjoined to create a vision during the dark days when England stood alone against the Nazis. The last card of the Thoth Tarot, the Princess of Disks, is the ‘woman on the brink of transformation’, surrounded by the self-same roots that gave us the New Vision.

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