The Moon Phases for Tarot & Magic

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The moon phases for healers is vital that we understand the Waxing and Waning Lunar Phases to work with the tides, and not against them.

Each day, the Moon moves about 12.7 degrees. The complete cycle from New Moon to New Moon lasts about 28 days, the average length of the menstrual cycle. The cycle of the Lunar phases give us markers in the evolution and change of circumstances – the Moon looks different every day; it is not in exactly the same place each day. Unfortunately, there are many cycles at work, and few astrologers understand the mechanisms at work – ask an astronomer!

The qualities of the phases below  from an astrological aspects such as Squares, Trines.

Waxing Phase – New to Full – individual initiative

0 -180

Growth, development, expansion, moving to a goal. A sense of optimism, extravagance. Willingness to take risks, explore, begin enterprises.


Initiation of seed idea. Death and rebirth. Onset of movement


Establishing the idea. Strong growth


Crisis. Testing and strengthening to overcome obstacles


The notion flowers, and begins to motivate others


Reaping the fruit, but where do we go now?

Waning Phase – Full to New

180 – 360

Consideration of society – loss of the self


Motivating in society


The need to prove the conception within the world and reassert itself

The idea consolidates itself into the world


Death of the old cycle and rebirth of the idea in a new guise

Extra information to the Lunar Phases

0 – New

The beginning of the cycle, the seed is sown

45 – Crescent

New Moon to First Quarter is a time of new beginnings, new thoughts and ideas with a tentative hold in the mind. The Crescent Moon shows how the Seed is likely to take hold so that no other ideas appear at the same time. The sprouts start to show through the ground, so that there is public awareness of the action

90 – First Quarter

Physical manifestation, building up the Ego, pushing ideas. Rapid growth.

135 – Gibbous

Understanding and working with the energy. Being able to believe and have faith with the process that is going on. The results are in sight, but they are not yet right.

180 – Full

Time to reap the rewards, for good or evil. Not a time for new ideas, but a time to recollect, to receive. There is nowhere else to go.

225 – Disseminating

The harvest is over, there is no more, no challenge, so there is a desire for change in work. The Waning Phase is more reflective, life has moved on.

270 – Third Quarter

Orientation or re-arrangement of skills. Review of life, so there is just as much pre-occupation of the past about what the future holds. Actions work best by restructuring skills and not new ones.

315 – Balsamic

The last phase. Security is important as circumstances change. Friends change. This is the time to clear out the old and bring in the new. Gaps begin to appear into one’s life, which brings a sense of unease – there is a natural tendency to withdraw from life. Nature conspires to increase this feeling. The preparation for the New Moon

The Four Seasons

The occult aspect to the lunar phase also covers the four seasons, beginning at the Spring equinox.

Spring – Beltaine

Stimulation – New Works

Summer – Lughnasadh

Completion – Work to produce on the material plane

Autumn – Samhuinn

Quiescence – Work to produce on the Spiritual plane

Winter – Imbolc

Conflict – Withdrawal (avoidance of trouble). Work done to disrupt the start.

Lunar Tides and Magical actions

First Quarter

Inception and growth

Full Moon

Powerful deeds

Gibbous Moon

Not a time for action

Darkening Moon

Malefic deeds

Dark Moon

Black magic


Black magic

The Four Elements in the Daily Cycle

There is also a daily cycle of the four elements, starting at sunrise, starting with Spirit then Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Spirit rules for about two hours, so each sub-element lasts for about 24 minutes. Air is the next element, and so on. To make things more complicated, adjustments are made for the length of the day.

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