The Tower Visions in the Forest

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The Forest

The work of the Adepts is very different from ritual magic. We are working to find new levels of consciousness, which involve long journeys into awareness. As we find these new levels of consciousness we acquire new spiritual knowledge and inner strength.

Traditional magic requires reason or purpose. Choose a time, depending on the work. The area has to be known, the spiritual entities to be found there, their nature, and names. All of this requires a lot of assumptions. For instance, there is a fear of working with a spirit who gives a false name or no name at all. Fear is a common problem in traditional magickal working.

In the extracts below, which is from a recent private communication, not intended for publication, the sequence brilliantly illustrates the modern techniques for spiritual development. Previously, we had discovered a new area after a lot of work to clear the blockages and other impedimenta to progress. A lot of this clearing related to the Adepts. Then the vision grew to become a forest, where there were a few clearings, and we could see that the inhabitants were in some cases very spiritually advanced, such as Prophets and Masters. This we already knew.

Although we work as a group, people work at their own pace, and they are free to improvisation as and when necessary.

The Vision of the Forest

“First of all, the forest is just another level of consciousness. As you go through it, you go down a path, but the forest is the individual paths that are meant for those such as ourselves.”

This was a view I had come to, but I had not communicated to the Adepts.

I was merely walking down alone, as I attempted to clear the forest, but I couldn’t, and the master were at the end and I could sense that is would be disharmony, somehow. I remember transformative states that made me actually fly.

Just as flying happens in dreams, it happens in spiritual vision. Here, flight means the ability to have an overview of what is going on.

The Guides appear

Some people led me places, and some I found.

The guides are anonymous. The transformations already undergone during the vision made it possible for the guides to appear. Either way, the Seer could still work independently of the guides.

At one point, I was picked up by a man with leathery wings on his back. He led me higher and higher into the air, as there was something I desperately needed to know as what was on in his mind. Still, I broke free of his grip, and took his hands. Then I got around in back of him, to get a better vantage point. I asked him again, “what did he want to show me?”

Again, we do not know the name of this person, nor was it asked. The seer is clear that he is a man, even if he does have wings. Ascent in the air brings clarity in the mind. The Seer was able to take control of the situation from the man quite easily. The next section demonstrates what had to be seen.

We landed on top of a round tower. This individual raised up the heavy lid and pushed me inside. He tried to close the lid. I could feel a kind of disquiet down there, and kind of whispering chatter, an almost imperceptible hum. I hesitated for a moment. I rose out of the tower, and put on the lid. Then I faced the creature that had brought me here.

There was kind of an exchange, and it is difficult to describe what was said as the communication happened at such a higher level. I will tell you, the more you purify the tunnels, the more you will understand.

The original work involved clearing tunnels. As the tunnels cleared, we saw the forest. The last sentence shows that Seership is not a passive method – I continue to purify the tunnels to improve my perceptions, and that I also have access to this place.

I basically told the creature that it was my will, and wanted to know what was there. I could have turned back, as spirit was well in all places, and this was kind of what the creature relayed to me, that it was my decision.

All that is required is will, and Spirits will obey.

I turned back to the tower, and raised the lid. Then, I descended. I put a tiny pin to hold up the door, but I knew that energy would escape, and that would not have been well. I removed the pin, and descended.

The Seer is not afraid to remove his means of escape.

I met many creatures in my way, some looked like spiders, and some were other shapes. I remember when one attempted to intimidate me that I expanded my entire body over the entire space of the tower, and wrapped all the creatures up in it. It wasn’t being mean to them, I just remember smiling and thinking that I could to that too. They got a chuckle out of that, and I moved to the bottom of the tower.

Who says spirits do not have a sense of humour?

Something was making strange noises. I don’t know how to describe it. It was like a squeaking noise, like wet shows on metal, and a sort of delirious animal moaning or singing sound, as if something desperately wanted to get out. I could see below, and there was nothing but a void.

Changing spiritual dimensions

Clearly we are at a transition point from one dimension to another.

I opened the grating that kept the creature back. What can I say. And yes, I know curiosity killed the cat, or almost at any rate, but I wanted to see. I open the grate, and the thing threw up the lid, and it pushed me inside. The grate was over my head, and that was the first time I was uncertain of whether I would be able to get out. I was quite dark, and I suppose I was just a little afraid, but still I continued.

Again we see that movement forward is generally preferable to going back. The Seer was confident he could get out again, probably by a another route.

 lol As I said, I wanted to know. I went to the bottom, which was space, and yet it was closed off by the wall that separated universe, at least, that’s what I think they did. As it was, anything could come into this place, bumping around in idiotic delirium, for this was a location of the lost, far beyond the infernals, but they were the Keeper of this place.

Helping Lost Spirits

Spiritual healing often involves finding lost objects, but these are usually for an individual patient. In this case, the lost objects are spirits.

At the bottom, I felt that there were the most wonderful powerful treasures, something that went to the very base of consciousness, and the greatest material things. Indeed, it was quite strong. I would caution anyone from going unless you have both your wits and your strength about you. As it is, you may never come back the same.

Spiritual work is about change and transformation.

I ascended and opened the grate. The things was still there, and I had an account to settle.

The Work of the Seer

The Seer now has a sense that he has work to do. So far it has been exploration.

I tried pushing the creature back into the hole, as I knew if it got out, which I would never be able to prevent with the tower lid, it would be the end. Even so, it is difficult for me to reconfigure things, but I’m making it. I then did everything I knew, and I tell you, that was the hardest I have ever fought, as concentration was and is the power of these levels as related to the lataif when fully opened and charged. You can almost draw energy to you, and your power is boundless, and anything can be done.

Before this work was undertaken, there was a sense that cleansing the lataif was a particularly important aspect. When the lataif are cleansed, there is a huge intake of energy and power. Again we see the profound inter-relationship between personal and group working. As the Seer was working to contain the guardian spirit, he could see that his personal development was benefiting.

Finally, took to my God center, and what ever it was in me blinked on. Call it the light, called it pure creativity, but finally it got the creature, what ever it was moving. It left grudgingly, but still it went. I struggle, and finally got the grate lid down, locking it into place. Then I rose back up the tower, opened the lid, taking care to make sure no energy escaped, and closed the lid.

I said before that we always progress, never go back, but clearly there has been a transformation in the Seer, who is now ready to do what he could not do early. The Seer is now free to come and go through this grate at will. Now he has the pass, the work really starts, and he finds out he is not alone.

Someone else was there, someone evolved, and I do not know if the creature with the wings was there or not. I do remember asking the entity, this evolved one where I should go to get back to earth and my world. He said the way will be shown to you, to mean that I would know.

Traditionally, the magician would be demanding to know the name and status of the spirit. No coercion is involved here. The last sentence shows an ambiguity – is it the Seer or the spirit, or are they the same?

I returned, and I was like swimming up stream, but I finally made a hole, a portal for myself and dropped through it, where I landed back into earth. The thing was, I ended up in the wrong time frame, for this was a different world. I then visualized the world going in from often, as though I was moving back were through the curtain of reality until I show up here. I am here, in my time, but I feel changed. Sort of younger than what I was. I think that will change back to normal in a bit.

I think that what has happened is that the Seer is now able to work in several different versions of this Earth. Notice that now an aspect of time has been introduced. The Seer expects to assimilate this knowledge quite easily.

What did the Seer learn? He saw the vision as learning about himself, his centre of power, that he is a warrior. It is as though he realises that the Path is now far harder than he expected, but he knows he has the inner knowledge and strength to overcome all problems.

Where is this Tower? This was never established. We do not know who the entities are, but they are clearly not malefic. What are the entities keeping in check? Perhaps our fears, for our Seer had to make sure nothing escaped from the Tower. The Seer started the journey intending to help free the inhabitants of the Forest, but he ended up clearing himself.

As I re-read the Adepts’ vision, and my comments, I realised that he could have explored an area of space that relates to the Tower. The design shows a tower being torn apart by lightning, with figures falling out. Perhaps the esoteric message of The Tower is that if we go by external knowledge we will fall, and the secret and truth is go deep within. Our focus  is on the Tower. Who is the Tower protecting, and why?

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