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The word Voodoo is close to vidya, the Sanskrit word ‘to know’. The ancient knowledge of Africa has been distorted through thousands of years, but it’s true meaning is now coming to the surface, and is incredibly powerful for transforming the Earth – the place where crystals are found.

A New Portal

Going are the dark energy patterns, the dark lines of evil that criss-crossed the world. The Voodoo Gateway set sets up a portal on the ground that projects golden tellurian energy upwards and into the atmosphere. Western religion and magick sees the earth as evil in some way – not surprising with the dark energy patterns, but now this new technology is beginning to manifest. The final dichotomy of Space is Matter, which is as abstract and healing as Dark Matter. Space is the home of the Spirits. Their home has been in Space all the while the Earth has not been pure enough to hold them. Now the Gods can walk the Earth.

The Voodoo Gateway is composed of Spirit and the Four Elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Arranged as a cross with Spirit at the centre invokes the secret Earth symbols programmed into the Set. When worked on a sacred space, the Voodoo Gateway creates a Portal that projects pure energy from the Earth which returns to Earth and purifies it, creating the potential for greater energy release. The Magician can then direct the energy where it is needed – he does not need to be at that point.

At the Crossroads

The Voodoo Gateway in the form of a cross evokes the energies of the Crossroads. In Voodoo, crossroads evoke the Devil – the Blues musician Robert Johnson got his incredibly musical talents after visiting such a crossroads. In fact, traditional Blues music originated in Africa, and was brought over by the slaves to America. Playing or listening to the Blues evokes spiritual energies that help access the Gateway and Beyond. The music of Robert Johnson and Otis Taylor are particularly powerful for this.

Baron Samedhi

Baron Samedhi is the Deity of the Crossroads. His Presence evokes the vortex of energy that spins under the ground and is focused through, and manifested by the Voodoo Gateway Set. Clairvoyantly, the Vortex manifests as the Caduceus, the traditional symbol of healing. The two Serpents, Ob and Od are ruled by Guede Nibho, associated with Mercury. The same Caduceus is found in Aleister Crowley’s Book of Thoth.

One axis evokes the twin aspects of Death, Sex, and the Law, while the other is Earth Space and the Sun. Sun Space and Earth Space conjoin to rule, and transform and regenerate (Death and Sex).

  • Fire – Sun (Leo)
  • Water – Death, Sex, (Scorpio)
  • Air – Law, Justice (Libra)
  • Earth – Taurus, Earth Space

Between the arms of the Cross are the four areas of Space (“Spacemarks”, AL 1, 52) that are the Four Gateways of Outer Space.

The Voodoo Gateway creates a kind of magic mirror for looking into the Earth, and is a source of fascination to Gnomes and other tellurian spirits. The vertical axis of Height and Depth perpendicular to the Earth extends infinitely. The image suggests the energy projected from the Great Pyramid in the first meditation in my book The Tarot and the Magus. The return to Earth of the energy opens up the Earth to Secret Chambers hidden within. African knowledge is many times older than that of those great magicians, the Ancient Egyptians.

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  1. Paul anthony

    I have a perfect crossroads situated about 10 min walk from my home, last year i did a small ritual calling papa legba and asking for help and leaving offerings of rum and cigars by a tree , this was performed at midnight and i asked for help.


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