Astrology aids Tarot studies

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Using Astrology in Tarot

Astrology is probably the oldest divinatory system in the world, and Tarot can learn a lot from it. Once you know the divinatory meanings of the cards, the next step is to relate the cards to each other and interpret them. While Elemental Dignities is growing in popularity, Astrologers use similar techniques for centuries.

Astrology for predictions in tarot readings

So why use astrology? One very good reason is the rapport built between you and the querent. If the Death card is prominent, you can talk about ‘change, not necessarily death…’, but with astrology you can mention Scorpio, and it is very likely that the querent will know a Scorpio, and probably the apprehension engendered by the Death card will diminish. While Tarot cards are a good indicator of what can happen, using Astrology will enable you to make predictions – when something will happen. It is even possible to time-travel and say when an event happened in the recent past too. Knowing the terminology also helps when speaking to astrologers, and you never know, you could learn new techniques you can apply in your readings. Astrology helps you to understand the court cards, to put them in a context, and even know the sun signs they represent. In short,

Expand your knowledge

Tarot is brilliant when applied to astrology as it will expand your knowledge and experience of divinatory techniques, there are opportunities for spiritual development. Dion Fortune says:

It will be apparent to anyone who has any knowledge of occult matters that as soon as we know the element to which a symbol is assigned, we know a good deal, for it opens up all the ramifications of astrology for us, and we can trace out its astrological affinities through the triplicities of the Zodiac and the affinities of the planets with them. As soon as we know what Zodiacal and planetary associations exist, we are in a position to explore the correlated symbolism of any pantheon, for all the gods and goddesses of all the systems that the human mind has ever invented have astrological associations.

Dion Fortune, The Mystical Qabalah

There are four levels of creation, or four Worlds, on the four elements, and this is something few astrologers address. With our knowledge of Tarot and the Tree of Life, we can derive greater insights.

Astrology is so elusive because the uninitiated astrologer works on one plane only; but the initiated astrologer, with the Tree as his ground-plan, interprets on the four planes of the Four Worlds, and the effect of, shall we say, Saturn, is very different in Atziluth, where it is the Divine Mother, Binah, to what is in Assiah.

Dion Fortune, The Mystical Qabalah

Astrology Lessons

The Astrology Lessons cover the basics and highlight the range of astrological methods available to the tarot reader.

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